3M Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System

3M Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System

3M Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System

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3M Clean-Trace Luminometer is a simple, quick and reliable hand held diagnostic tool to verify cleaning effectiveness and capture, store and manage data for later analysis.

A reliable cleaning monitoring system for endoscopes, surgical instruments, and high-touch surfaces in patient care settings.

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We all know the dangers that inadequately cleaned surfaces, endoscopes and other devices present to patients, and to your healthcare facility’s reputation.

The 3M Clean-Trace ATP Monitoring System provides rapid, real-time results and quantitative data and reporting to support your cleaning monitoring program.


Re-engineered for improved precision and accuracy

Easy to use and faster time to result

Robust for the Manufacturing Environment

Ergonomic Design for Simple One-handed operation

Wireless Data Transfer

23 languages for multilingual pre-production teams.

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