Algivon Plus Ribbon

Algivon Plus Ribbon

Reinforced alginate ribbon impregnated with 100% Manuka honey

Algivon Plus Ribbon is the same reinforced, honey impregnated material as Algivon Plus but is in an easy to use ribbon shape. The ribbon features the same strengthened alginate fibres meaning it enables a slower release of honey at the wound site. Algivon Plus Ribbon is very soft and conformable, shaped for easy application within cavities and sinuses meaning the wound can be easily packed for direct contact with the entire wound site. The upgraded alginate allows for dressing removal in one piece.


Algivon Plus Ribbon is inserted into the wound site, cavity or sinus; ribbon can be cut to size ensuring that sharp scissors are used. Depending on the tissue type within the wound bed and level of exudates your secondary dressing of choice could be a film dressing and/or bandage. In wounds with a high level of exudate an additional highly absorbent dressing can be introduced to help manage exudate, we recommend Eclypse.


- Anti-bacterial

- Anti-inflammatory

- Eliminates odours

- Osmotic effect

- Maintains moist wound healing environment

- Absorbs exudate

- Reinforced to maintain dressing integrity

- Shaped to fit within cavities and sinuses

Algivon Plus Ribbon may be applied to any wound but especially sloughy, necrotic and malodorous wounds, including:

- Leg ulcers

- Pressure ulcers

- Diabetic ulcers

- Fungating lesions

- Complicated surgical wounds

- Abrasions

- Infected wounds

- Cavity wounds

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