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Advazorb Tracheo Lite

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Advazorb Tracheo Lite
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Advazorb Tracheo Lite
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  • Product code: Advazorb-T-CR4212
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Product description

Advazorb and Advazorb Lite are soft and conformable, low-adherent, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam dressings with a breathable film backing. A non-adherent foam dressing with excellent fluid handling properties. Ideal for use under compression bandaging with it’s fluid retention, low profile and low friction film backing. The Advazorb range features a waterproof film backing that prevents strike-through. The backing has been designed to reduce friction on clothes and bandages which extends dressing wear time by reducing ‘rucking’ and preventing dressings falling off. With an high MVTR the Advazorb foam range provides the ideal conditions for wound healing.


- Sterile Hydrophilic PU Foam

- Low friction thin film backing

- Bacteria proof backing

- Available in regular and ‘Lite’ versions

- Soft and conformable

- High fluid retention


- Tracheotomy stoma

Size:  8cm x 8cm

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