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Lepu LFR30 Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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Lepu LFR30 Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Lepu LFR30 Infrared Forehead Thermometer
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Lepu LFR30 infrared forehead thermometer, as the first line of defence for body temperature check.

Measurement time is only 1 second, greatly improving the efficiency of body temperature screening in stations, air-ports, school and hospitals. The high-quality sensor automatically scans thousands of time per second and effectively senses the temperature change of 0.1°C.


Innovative blue light calibration technology for fast body temperature measurement in non-contact mode.

Pure copper probe

Core components of the thermometer-Probe is made by higher cost ure copper material, so thermal conductivity is better then ordinary plastic. It does not let any infrared rays escape, ensuring the stability and consistency of the measurement results.

3 colors backlights

The screen displays with different colors in different temperature range. You can get accurate reading clearly very soon

1: When the body temperature is les then 37.4°C the backlight is green

2: When the body temperature is between 37.5°C ~38.5°C the backlight is yellow

3: When the body temperature is higher than 38.6°C the backlight is red

99 sets of data

Intelligent memory chip is providing large storage capacity. You can read the data at any time to track temperature changes.


Safe: Non-contact body temperature measurement avoids cross-infection

Fast: Imported probe from Germany, temperature displays in 1 second 

Convenient: Blue dots focusing calibration system help users to find the optimal measuring distance

Color indicator: Three colored backlights indicate the different temperature ranges visually <37.5°C Green / 37.5°C-38.5°C Yellow / >38.5°C Red light with sound alert

Two methods: Two temperature measurement modes: Human body / Object

Data record: 99 sets of data can be stroed for tracking the changes of body temperature

Power saving: Auto shut down when there is no operation for 60 seconds

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