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Algivon Plus

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Algivon Plus
Algivon Plus
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Algivon Plus
Algivon Plus
Algivon Plus
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Product description

Algivon Plus is a reinforced, soft alginate dressing impregnated with 100% Medical Grade Manuka honey. The reinforced alginate fibres enable a sustained, slower release of honey whilst maintaining the integrity of the dressing. Algivon® Plus is an ideal choice for wetter wounds as the alginate has a small capacity to absorb, meaning the honey isn’t washed away with exudates therefore staying at the wound site for longer. The dressing is very soft and conformable, ideal for debriding and de-sloughing large areas of necrotic and sloughy tissue.


- Anti-bacterial

- Anti-inflammatory

- Eliminates odours

- Osmotic effect

- Maintains moist wound healing environment

- Absorbs exudate

- Reinforced to maintain dressing integrity


- Leg ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Diabetic ulcers, Fungating lesions, Complicated surgical wounds, Abrasions, Infected wounds, Cavity wounds

Available: 10cm x 10cm - box with 5 dressings

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