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Product description

Vellafilm is a transparent atraumatic1 polyurethane film dressing with Silfix soft silicone adherence. It is designed to protect the wound whilst minimising the pain and trauma associated with dressing change. The soft silicone will adhere to surrounding dry skin but not to a moist wound. The clear film exhibits the optimum moisture vapour transfer rate. The dressing is transparent allowing observation of the wound site or primary dressing minimising dressing change frequency. The film backing acts as a bacterial barrier and has a low coefficient of friction to reduce potential tissue damage from sheer or friction.


- Atraumatic soft silicone, reduced pain on dressing change

- Soft and conformable

- Adheres gently only to dry skin, not to a moist wound

- Transparent

- Optimal MVTR

- Bacterial barrier

- Reduces sheer and friction


- Superficial epithelialising wounds, Retention of primary wound contact layers and absorbent dressings, Surgical wounds

SIzes and Prices

CR3919 - 12cm x 12cm 

Available: box with 10 dressings

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